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Student Quotes

Our students say it better than we can! Here are some of the things that TrapezePro students have told us about our classes.

Thank you so much. Everyone in my group had a positive experience. TrapezePro is the third trapeze school I've flown with and the most supportive of the three in my opinion. Your rig is a healing place.
--Brett Anne B.
An amazing opportunity to find your own edge, to truly practice being centered and completely present in the moment, while being guided, supported and encouraged. I went from "I'll never be able to do this!" to "okay here I am on a platform way too far above the ground" to "Do I get to fly again?" A magnificent and breathtaking experience ... you will amaze yourself!
--Sue S.
SOOOO MUCH FUN. Everyone should try this at least once in their life. All four of us that went LOVED it. It's an experience anyone could enjoy ... The experience was awesome and the friendly staff and participants made it even better. Marek made us aware of the environment and surrounds before flying and I felt completely safe to fly.
--Linda P.
Flying Trapeze has been a crazy addiction of mine since I was introduced to it six years ago. It fills that need for adrenaline in a safe way, keeps me fit, and is a great social outlet. It's also a bit like doing one of those team trust building exercises where you learn to trust yourself and others 20 plus feet in the air.

Marek is a great caring instructor with years of knowledge, tons of strength, and the chutzpah necessary to be a super trustyworthy instructor and trapeze catcher. I've seen him catch beginners with as much enthusiasm as he catches more experienced flyers throwing outrageous tricks. He's amazingly patient and articulate, even after hanging upside down for a half hour. Keen farm, in the hills above Sonoma, is a beautiful setting; a kind of spiritual flying mecca. Overall, it's an experience that's difficult to beat for fun, fresh air, and hanging with friends.
--Shannon D.
I've tried quite a few "adrenaline" activities—skydiving, hang gliding, river rafting, rappelling. Trapezing was by far one of the best because I felt like more of a participant, using the new skills I'd just been taught. Hence, the feeling I was left with was more than just the thrill of having done something daring—there was also a singular sense of accomplishment.
--Lavinia S.
The teachers were incredible. I couldn't believe what I was able to do after just one session!
--Tony, medical student
I participated in your trapeze class once about two years ago now. I still think about it all the time... it was an incredible experience, not just physically but also mentally. I was scared to death to make the jump, but you and your wonderful staff were so patient and walked me through my fears, even meeting me on the net to console me (it was really almost like therapy, learning how to let go of control and literally take a leap into the unknown). It was an amazing challenge for me, and one I think of often and share with friends. One of these days I hope to come back again, and maybe... just maybe let go of that bar.
--Julie D., Walnut Creek, CA
I was hooked after my first class. I came every Saturday after that...
--Gretchen Turzo
Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructor
After some friends introduced me to Marek's trapeze classes, I was hooked! I kept going back for more flying fun and enjoyed learning new tricks. Marek, Darrel, Hope, Sam and are all wonderful instructors and give helpful feedback to perform the moves correctly. Most of all, they make it fun! I've also enjoyed bringing friends with me to see how they experience the art of flying, and it's not only a fun time to spend with them, but also a way to get to know a different side of your friends.
--Amy Abad, Project Manager Associate for United BioSource Corporation
I learned I am much stronger than I thought I was. Marek and his staff create a compassionate, safe environment for me to consciously walk through my fears. They have helped me learn how to continue moving forward even when I am afraid. Trapeze has made me a more courageous person. I now find myself giggling when situations come up that before I would have avoided, because I know it is an opportunity for me to grow. This experience has taught me that I can work through anything by being present, listening, and trusting.
--AJ Craft
breast cancer Survivor